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Semperoper Dresden, La Traviatta

Semperoper Dresden, La Traviatta, Olesya Golovneva (2009)

Stage photography / Stills

I am specialized on stage photography from theatre, opera and ballett productions as well as photography from concerts world-wide. I am also available for stills of movie- and video productions as well as sedcard and image shootings of actors and actresses.

I can be booked for single photo rehearsals as well as complete productions or production cycles. I am available for theatres, producers, actors and actresses as well as publishers.

Concerts: I am specialized on classical, jazz and swing concerts and can be booked by producers or musicians for stage and image photography.

I am also available for sedcard or image shootings for actors and actresses on request.

Please call me for further informations. 

Alcoholic Faith Mission in concert (2009) David Orlowsky Trio i Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden (2009) Hotel Pro Forma, Tomorrow in a year (2009) Oper Leipzig, Strawinsky Project III, Laura Joffre Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Speichern Unter (2009) Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Unart Imagefoto (2009) Karolina Glazer in concert Festspielhaus Hellerau: Tonlagen 2009, Eldorado Tonlagen 2009: Melt! Klub Hellerau Oper Halle: Edgar Allan Poe (2009)

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