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Outlook 2010 Dresden - Fashion Show

 Press photography / News services

Based in Dresden, Germany, we can offer press photos from events and breaking news directly to newspapers, magazines and news agencies. Photos are also available through the press agency plotpoint / picturesberlin and alamy.com.

I am specialized on cultural events, especially theatre-, opera- and ballett productions as well as concerts and art exhibitions. I do also cover press conferences, exhibitions in general, life&style as well as people and fashion photography.

I cover East Central Germany for the press agency, including the cities Dresden, Leipzig, Halle, Chemnitz and Weimar. I am also available in Berlin on a regular basis.

Photos from recent events in the area can be delivered to news services and papers on a 24/7 basis - ready for use according to standards including IPTC keywording and descriptions.

Please contact me for further information. 

If you are in urgent need of photos from the area, please call me 24/7 on my mobile phone: +49 1520 694 6923.

Wieland Förster Oper Leipzig: Strawinsky Project III (2009) Queen Margrethe II in Dresden Lipsiusbau Dresden: Beate Gütschow A child waiting for the Danish Queen at her visit in Dresden Public viewing training: Avatara Ayuso - Festspielhaus Hellerau The Royal Danish Ballett: Giselle (2009) Colotis Zoé and Caravan Palace

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