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Hotel Pro Forma: Tomorrow, in a year starring Lærke Winther Andersen (2009)


I offer still and stage photography of opera, theatre, ballett and movie productions as well as concerts. I work all over Europe from my base in Dresden, Germany. I do also offer reportage and documentary photography from culural events worldwide. I can be booked by producers as well as news agencies and performers. On a regular basis I do cover cultural events in East Central Germany for a Berlin based news agency and photos from these events can be made available.

As commercial photographer I am specialized in documentary and image photography for construction companies, wellness resorts, hotels and restaurants. I am further specialized on image photos of managements, psychologists and actors and actresses.

I do offer a large selection of art photography images for interior decoration of offices, hotels, restaurants as well as other private and public spaces. In cooperation with other artists we can deliver decorations for larger in- and outdoor areas.

You are welcome to call or mail me for further information. You are also welcome to visit my Online Shop - Fotografie & Gestaltung for a small selection of art phtoography.

A selection of our clients::
MI-Road GmbH - Staatsschauspiel Dresden - F&H Bauträger GmbH - Festspielhaus Hellerau - Landeshauptstadt Dresden - Swiss Cheese Marketing - ARGE Schloss Sonnenstein - Möbel Rehn, Freital - Schwebebad Dresden - Cuisinor - Naturheilpraxis König - Club 18-30 - D.S.V A/S - Dagbladet, Oslo - H&P Prof. Holzhauser & Partner - Hotel Kos Palace - Ericsson-Diax A/S - Telepassport - Jutlandia Film ApS - Tomboy Productions - Zentropa Entertainment - Memsys Software Solutions - Ars Alchemia I, Prague - Atelier für Gestaltung, Berlin - Blaue Blume, Basel - R.A.S., Randers - Konzertagentur Grandmontagne - Goethe-Institut Berlin - Galissas - Studienhilfe e.V. - BILD - Sächsische Zeitung - Morgenpost Dresden - Die Welt - Life&Style - Pappdorf.de - medialog GmbH - ASUE e.V. - teilAuto Mitteldeutschland

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