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Mosaic Girl, Digital art photography on print, canvas or acryl (2008)

 Art photography

As art photographer I offer a small selection of images directly online through my own Onlineshop.

My work as an artist is mainly focused on photography and the experience of the image as well as the emotional response to it. The response can create a feeling of harmony, excitement, relaxation or a different feeling, depending on the mood of the viewer. The images can be selected to create or enhance a certain response, which might be wanted in the situation or in relation to the space it fills.

The image should always fulfill a double role compared to the surroundings - it should be considered as a single piece of work as well as be part of the total room experience.
Hence I do think, it is important for the images not just to contain a single element, but to make sure you can find new aspects or nuances in the image every day.

I will be happy to assist you in selecting the best possible images according to your request. Images can be purchased directly or through our gallery network. Obviously images can be modified to your needs - e.g. size, material etc. If you have any questions, pleasae don't hesitate to contact me.

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